COMMENT - Shower deal must be value for money

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IS it right that bosses at Hindley Young Offenders Institute have spent almost £1m on building new showers for inmates?

The revelation that a new shower block costing £760,000 has been signed off at a time of financial austerity for the rest of us has understandably caused outrage.

Even the most hardened of hearts wouldn’t deny that young offenders deserve access to basic washing facilities.

But it is difficult to imagine how it is necessary to spend such a vast amount when other publicly-funded services for much more deserving causes are finding their funding cut to the bone.

As the Taxpayers’ Alliance points out, it is vital that all public sector projects get the best deal for the taxpayers. Not only that but they should appear to be getting the best deal for the taxpayers.

Regardless of what the prison service says it is difficult to see how such a large amount being spent during these straightened times can possibly be justified.

£760,000 on a shower block? For many, it just won’t wash.