COMMENT - Simple steps to reduce thefts

WE can all follow the simple steps to help reduce mobile phone thefts and be vigilant to help others.

While it is not an ideal situation that these thieves are operating in the town centre and further afield, if we are being realistic, we must accept that it happens and we can help to deal with it.

Do not give these thieves an easy ride, try not to parade your handset by walking around constantly texting.

Staring at your phone while in a public place may mean you are less aware of your surroundings and you are putting your phone on show.

And be aware when in crowded public places where your expensive belongings are and keep them in a safe place that makes it difficult for pickpockets to operate.

One other key detail to remember is to try and help local officers tackle these thefts.

Keep your eyes peeled and report any suspicious behaviour without delay. We can all do our bit to help one another out in regard to these thefts.