COMMENT - Sobering reality of liquor folly

IT wasn’t the first time that a car wreck had been paraded in Wigan town centre in order to make a very serious point about safe driving.

But the emergency services, this year helped by young actors from Wigan and Leigh College, really pulled out all the stops to bring grim reality to the latest seasonal anti-drink-driving campaign.

It was quite a disturbing sight to see apparently unconscious and bleeding casualties having to be brought out of badly damaged vehicles by firefighters using specialist cutting gear.

Especially so as although the onlookers knew that this was not for real, they also knew that the simulation all to readily mirrors real life for our 999 crews on a daily basis.

And with the festive season fast approaching, those life-saving bodies are as keen as ever to ensure drivers resist the temptation of taking alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

A hard core of idiotic motorists remain who put their own and others’ lives at risk by drink-driving. Let us hope the latest re-enactment of carnage will make some think again.