Comment - Sobering warning to drivers

ONLOOKERS were clearly shocked when they saw firefighters desperately cutting their way into a horrifically mangled car wreck with cutting gear in Wigan town centre.

Thankfully on this occasion there were no stricken victims inside. Rather it was a vividly realistic – and deliberately striking – re-enactment of the aftermath of a crash.

It brought home in all too chilling detail to the spectators how a life can hang on a thread if they were to be caught up in a real life collision.

Wigan firefighters turned out to 71 such incidents in the 12 months up to April, three of which resulted in a loss of life and several more which saw the occupants very seriously injured.

Of course the message is to motorists to act within the law. It is impossible to mitigate against every freak incident on the road – or other people’s bad driving – but we can ensure we don’t drink-drive, ignore the speed restrictions, overtake in dangerous places and don’t take notice of adverse road and weather conditions. Neither should we be on our mobiles or be otherwise distracted while at the wheel.

The consequences are plain to see.