COMMENT - Stan’s way of coping with such tragic loss

STAN Bigley has come to terms with the possibility that his tragic brother’s body may never be found.

After nine years of searching by family and the Iraqi authorites, hopes were raised this week that they might be closer to discovering and identifying Ken Bigley’s remains.

The 62-year-old engineer was kidnapped and, after 22 days, executed on camera by insurgents in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s overthrow.

The victim’s brother Paul says he has new evidence that Ken’s final resting place may finally have been identified.

But Wigan resident Stan is rather more sceptical.

He told the Evening Post today that he is resigned to the fact that Ken’s grave may forever be a mystery and that he and other family members have decided to move on as best as possible from those appalling events of 2004.

Some people rely on hope to keep them going, others are tormented by it when it might be more advisable to admit it is lost. Each of us have our own ways of coping with loss and each is equally valid.