COMMENT - Stand by for day of action

NEXT week, Wigan, like the rest of the country, will be rocked by the biggest wave of industrial action for many a year.

A whole range of public sector workers aggrieved about cuts, pay, conditions and pensions, will down tools for a day in protest.

The impact will be unprecedented in many younger people’s memories as bins go unemptied and many schools shut for the day.

Not everything will grind to a halt though. Tips are staying open, police are not allowed to go on strike and the fire brigade decided against doing so last month.

Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust also says that it is hoping to keep most, if not all, of its facilities – including libraries, baths and leisure centres – open on November 30.

But whether individual members of the Wigan public support the workers’ cause or not, they need to be on their mettle to avoid getting caught out by the one-day strike.

For school openings, check with the individual establishments. For council, trust and health services, check websites.