COMMENT - Success sets high standard

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WIGAN’S schools may have already been given quite a few pats on the back recently for their impressive sets of exam results, but one more is due.

In terms of the number of students achieving five or more top grades including English and maths, Wigan ranked fourth in the country for improvement compared to last year’s grades.

To be so high up the national list is a noteworthy achievement and one that all our schools and academies contributed in.

But now after reaching these heights, all of the borough’s learning centres will be under pressure to build on their success and maintain these high standards.

Another 6.7 percentage point rise will be a tough order to recreate next year but records are there to be broken, as the old saying goes.

Here’s hoping that this year’s batch of GCSE students have been inspired by the year above and have what it takes to continue the good work across the borough. Although it probably is a little too early for revision timetables.