Comment - Tackling our silent crisis

A SILENT crisis is hitting the Wigan borough as alarming numbers of local people – particularly young men – are choosing to take their own lives.

Wigan Council’s investigation into this worrying trend cannot come a moment too soon.

The devastating impact of suicide is felt much further than the victim. Family members, friends, neighbours, and even those who don’t know the deceased, can often experience feelings of grief, confusion and guilt.

The reasons behind a suicide or attempted suicide can be complex, but there concerns that financial stresses facing many in the borough could be contributing to the crisis.

The death of Wigan rugby star Terry Newton – who was found hanged at his home last year – highlighted that early intervention is needed to prevent spiralling personal problems ending in the tragic loss of life.

The council’s campaign will hope to show vulnerable people across the borough who are contemplating suicide that this distressing outcome can be avoided.