Comment - The time to act is now

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THERE is no shame in asking for help with a child and the NSPCC are desperate to get such a message across.

Far from pointing a finger, the charity want young parents and those with other problems to seek their help so that families can be helped.

At no time is this more felt than at Christmas, which is a time when emotions of all kinds run high.

If you know somebody who needs help, do the right thing and contact the NSPCC and even if they cannot help you directly they will put you in touch with people who can.

In 21st century Britain, children should not face any form of abuse, but it is only through the good work of the NSPCC, together with responsible citizens that such things can be eradicated.

While it is not just at this time of year that such things should be important as the NSPCC does superb work all year round, but when you are tucking into your Christmas dinner this weekend, spare a thought for those who may not be getting one.