COMMENT - The time to quit is now

TIME and time again we right opinion columns urging people to give up smoking and yet again grim health statistics force us to put pen to paper yet again.

Far from wanting to sound like a nagging aunty, we would like to see Wiganers look after themselves for their own sake as well as that of the borough’s health services.

It should not take a report in the newspaper to tell women or men that smoking will lead to fatal health problems and that unless you quit you will eventually fall victim to such conditions as lung cancer.

One look at how much money you spend on cigarettes should be enough to tell you that it is worth giving up and there is also enough advertising for the various services that will help you quit every step of the way.

It is not easy to give up and nobody should say it is, but it can be done and there is more help available than ever before.

Once again on behalf of the community of Wigan and your loved ones get help now and give up. It will save your life, save you money and make your life better.