COMMENT - Time to act on cruelty

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CASES of animal cruelty used to be quite rare but in recent times we have seen quite a few here in Wigan.

Coupled with the RSPCA’s appeals to help fight animal cruelty is worrying and it seems that we can all play a part.

Shocking images of cruelty featured in the Wigan Evening Post should be enough to pull on the heart strings of even the most hardened of us and it is unnecessary cruelty.

Nobody has to be an animal lover, but it is just isn’t acceptable to see animals being treated this way.

Lobbyists are calling for tougher sentences and hopefully this may help stop such cruelty, but the important message is that we can all play a part.

Bill Stubbs is right when he says that ignorance is the biggest factor. People should do some thorough research before taking the decision to get a pet. They need a lot of looking after and it is not fair on the animal or the owner if these demands cannot be met.

On top of this if you suspect animal cruelty don’t dismiss it. Call the RSPCA immediately and help to rid society of it once and for all.