COMMENT - Time to be honest

MANY of us like a drink but it seems that we are not being honest with ourselves about how much we like it.

It may seem like some parental cliché, but it is true to say that when we lie to doctors about our alcohol intake, we are only cheating ourselves.

The borough has historically had problems where alcohol and health are concerned but thanks to superb work over the past few years we are slowly starting to realise the damage and cost it has to both us as individuals, but also to society and health budgets.

We all like a drink to unwind, but instead of it being a taboo we cover up, we should be honest about our drinking habits and try to make sure we aren’t overdoing it for the sake of it.

Advice is out there and it instead of brushing it under the carpet, why not seek some help or advice – there is no shame in doing so.

We all have pressure in our lives and sometimes we turn to alcohol without realising it.

By understanding our drinking habits we can then understand how to change them and live happier healthier lives.