COMMENT - Time to tackle prostate

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CANCER affects all of us directly or indirectly, but some forms receive more publicity than others.

While it is undeniable that whatever form of cancer affects you it is as important as the next one, in terms of funding and research some are given more priority.

One form that does not always get noticed is prostate cancer yet it is just as serious as any other form of cancer.

It is great to see celebrities such as Jon Culshaw doing their bit to raise the profile of the condition and hopefully more can be done to combat it.

New cases of prostate cancer amount to nearly 200 a year and top experts are calling for more research into treatments.

It would be great to see everybody support the campaign where they can and hopefully death rates will fall as a result.

As with any form of cancer it is important to have it diagnosed early to improve the chances of having it cured so if nothing else this campaign should serve as an educational reminder to us to be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer.