Comment - Tragically slow route to justice

THE case of Evangeline McConnell is both tragic and uplifting at the same time.

Tragic because a series of wrong assessments of her dire medical needs by the NHS meant she was forced to pay up £117,000 unduly in care home fees and even had to sell her house.

This caused no end of unnecessary anxiety to her and her family at a time when they had more than enough to contend with as far as the Wigan pensioner’s condition was concerned after a devastating stroke.

Mrs McConnell barely had time to acknowledge that the NHS had finally been forced into an assessment U-turn and returned all the money spent before she died.

But there is at least the positive aspect that her family did not give up in the fight for justice - that because of her serious disabilities she was entitled to have her care paid for by the NHS - and that after a long and determined battle they were finally rewarded.

So sad though that this could all have been avoided in the first place.