COMMENT - Train yob actions are totally despicable

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THE question many of us will be asking after today’s news of an attack on a train in Wigan is why someone would feel the need to act in such an utterly mindless way.

Apart from causing damage to the vehicle, injuring its passengers and potentially putting lives in danger – having a brick smashing through his cab window could have lasting effects on the unfortunate driver.

Stoppages such as this one also cause travel backlogs for all customers using the service, not just those directly affected on the train that is struck.

And this is not an isolated incident with the details of a previous incident too similar to a mere coincidence.

Whoever this person or group is, they need to quickly realise the danger they are causing by doing something so mindless and idiotic – before it is too late.

We would hope that anyone who may have information relating to the incidents would come forward straightaway to help prevent any further offences. These acts of vandalism are not big or clever. They’re despicable.