COMMENT - Uncertain future for A-level students

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A-LEVEL results day presents students with a mixture of emotions for students, with everything from anticipation to excitement or fear and then depending on your lot, elation or horror.

The latest cohort of students who will be looking to head off to university, into apprenticeships or employment.

However, unlike many generations before them, they will face a struggle to find jobs in one of the toughest economic periods of the last century.

Experts predict that thousands of graduates, who are now facing huge tuition fees, will be out of work while others will be stuck on zero hour contracts and that they will be the first generation since World War Two who are worse off than their parents.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. For those who go off to university they will meet lifelong friends, some will meet their life partners and all of them will be changed by the experience. For those who have done well today, enjoy it and for those who think they haven’t, do not despair – there are always other options.