COMMENT - We must be vigilant against thieves

THE theft of a teenage student’s £1,000 Rockhopper bike from Wigan and Leigh College’s town centre campus is a reminder we must all be on our guard against thieves. This kind of incident, which robs people of their confidence and security as well as their property, is sadly far too common.

Even people who have taken all the recommended precautions seem to find it hard to keep their possessions out of the prying eyes and hands of determined offenders who are armed with specialist tools and make light work of locks, chains and other methods of securing property. However, to concede to despair would be to allow those intent on breaking the law to win. We must all work together to defeat them.

Lack of evidence is often the police’s biggest hindrance in cases like this, especially when technology throws a spanner in the works by making studying CCTV hard.

We need to stay alert so when something like this occurs, there are lots of witnesses ringing and emailing police stations with what they have seen.