COMMENT - What next for Heinz?

HEINZ is the borough’s largest private sector employer and clearly the $28 million takeover demonstrates just how big a company they are globally.

The plant at Kitt Green has become as much a part of Wigan’s history as rugby league, pies and George Formby so it goes without saying that employees and the people of Wigan wait with baited breath to see what, if anything, this means to the town.

It could mean there will be no changes whatsoever and on one hand why would there be? The factory is highly profitable and Heinz Beans are possibly the nations favourite foodstuff.

However, the MPs for the borough are right to want to know if there are likely to be any changes in Wigan and hopefully if there are any they will be for the better and this deal will secure the site and jobs for generations to come.

The deal in all likelihood will affect those on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean more than it will here, but in such uncertain economic times there is always an apprehensive approach to such news.