COMMENT - When times are hard, help is there

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THERE is nothing truer than the saying of ‘in times of great hardship, you know who your friends are.’

Neil Johnson is trying desperately to get back the wages he is owed from his former employers,

But so far his attempts have got him nowhere as he feels he is hitting brick wall after brick wall.

The episode has probably destroyed his faith in humanity, but as he worries about feeding his young family, he turns to others for help and realises there are people there to help him.

He sought the help of his local ward councillors, Paul and Jeanette Prescott, who raided their cupboards to feed Neil and his two young children.

And Compassion For Action has provided emergency food parcels to keep the family going.

This community spirit must be commended as it would no doubt have helped ease the situation.

But a man who has been employed to do a job deserves to be paid on time and not be messed around. Things are hard enough as it is in the job market, without not getting money owed.