COMMENT - Wigan’s shops are full

AT last, some good news about the economic climate.

Instead of hearing about the doom and gloom of the recession, businesses going bust and the increasing VAT, we hear that people are now spending money and helping to boost Wigan’s economy.

We may be facing tough economic times, but it is Christmas and after a year of tightening belts and saving pennies, it is time to splurge and spend money on loved ones.

The icy weather may have kept people in doors but they have certainly made the most of the break in the frosty weather.

Shoppers have turned up in droves to spend their cash and help Wigan’s trade once again flourish.

Every little helps and at such a wonderful and busy time of the year it is nice to hear the tills ringing and the money flooding in.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, there are bound to be some last-minute bargains to catch people’s eye and help drive sales even further.