Comment - Wigan shows we care

HARD times are even heartbreakingly harder for some.

And when we are talking about the welfare of children, the outcomes are clearly more serious.

So there is some comfort to be had from the fact that this borough does care about victims outside it, who are conveyed to our cities and major conurbations, to be preyed upon by the downright ruthless.

Wiganers have now made the greatest single contribution to the huge national petition against child sex trafficking, launched across the Body Shop’s 350-plus stores, which has eventually ended up attracting an astonishing 7.5m signatures.

The achievement earned the manager of the Grand Arcade branch an audience with Prime Minister David Cameron this week, to present the petition in person calling for greater action from the Coalition Government to stamp out this most evil of trades.

And she will now also get the chance to formally present it to the United Nations in Geneva this autumn.