COMMMENT - Cruelty deserved jail

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SUCH horrific acts of animal cruelty are all too common in our newspapers and we often feel that the sentences handed down do not warrant the crime.

Yesterday Alan Brennan was jailed for 12 weeks for shocking neglect of the horses in his care and rightly so. To leave such beautiful animals, or any animal for that matter, locked in its own faeces without food or water is cruelty beyond belief.

It makes you wonder why have so many animals in your care of you cannot provide basic essentials for them.

Thankfully thanks to a diligent member of the public and superb work by the RSPCA the horses were re-homed successfully rehomed and have gone on to lead happy lives in good surroundings.

Hopefully this sentence will act as a deterrent to those who think it is OK to leave animals in such horrendous conditions. We should all be diligent in our communities and if we suspect any cruelty we should immediately contact the RSPCA and these people should be punished for their actions.