David Perkins column: My promotion hunger

David Perkins
David Perkins

THE intensity of the season starts to pick up at this time of year and obviously for us the only aim is promotion.

Getting promoted is something missing from my CV and with this squad I really believe this is my best chance.

I was at Morcambe when they went up through the play-offs but I left at Christmas so it didn’t feel like a promotion campaign for me.

For us, we’re looking to win the league. It’s a simple as that really.

It goes without saying we were disappointed to go out of the JPT last week but given time to reflect – it’s up to us to turn it into a positive.

It means we can now focus all our attention on the league and putting a big run together.

It focuses you on one competition and that’s our sole aim now – get promoted – it’s simple.

We want to finish on top of the league and our upcoming fixtures give us a great chance to state our intentions by what we do on the field.

You don’t say there are any easy games in this league but every team in this division will be scared of playing us – the way we play, the goals we score.

It doesn’t make any odds which team we play, especially at home we can get on the front foot.

We look to win every game.

Tomorrow we play one of my old clubs, Blackpool. When I was there it wasn’t a great time with everything that went on at the club but I thought the fans were fantastic with me.

Hopefully they will give me a better reception than the Barnsley fans did last week!

If you’re playing against your old club you always want to do well but there’s that much change there it doesn’t feel like my old club.

The chief exec’s gone, the manager’s gone, most of the players have gone so it won’t even feel like playing against my old club.

But focusing on us, we’ve worked all week on getting back to winning ways through hard work – simple as that.

We feel we’ve taken our foot off the gas a little bit so we’ve been working hard and we need to make our home ground a fortress.

And speaking of working hard, I know as much as anyone how important it is to play my best each week.

I was very happy to be given a year extension to my contract last month but that doesn’t mean I will stay in the team automatically.

The squad here is so strong someone is always pressuring you for your spot – and that means I will always have the incentive to work hard.

With Christmas coming up we see people making plans and getting ready for some down time.

But we’re usually in on Christmas Day, given our busy fixture list, so nothing really changes.

There’s no drinking. You might have a little Christmas dinner but other

than that it’s a normal week.

Throughout my career I’ve always kept it as a normal week.

You have to as a footballer.

The only thing that changes is my bank balance because my Mrs is on me about buying presents!

But joking aside, apart from that it’s all business as usual really.

We might have to do a little bit more at the club with the hospitals but I enjoy doing that.

If we can put a smile on people’s faces the people of Wigan will come out and support us.

It only takes an hour or an hour and a half out of our week and if we put a smile on someone’s face that’s great.

I live up in Lancaster and we have been affected by the floods up there.

The electricity has been off so last Sunday night I had my tea at the local church.

Everyone in the community has rallied round and we’ve looked after the old people and made sure everyone is alright. My Mrs was a big part of that.

We got together as a community and I had some soup – in that respect it was fantastic.

The floods aren’t too bad where I am, they are much worse up in Cumbria.

But people have pulled together and it’s nice to see people doing little things for each other.

An example is people with gas hobs boiling water for others and little things like that.

In the face of adversity everyone pulls together. I’ve spoken to neighbours that I’ve never spoken to so in that sense it’s quite good.

David Perkins was speaking to Tom McCooey.