Donervon Daniels column

Donervon Daniels
Donervon Daniels

EACH week we have a Wigan Athletic player writing a guest column for us - this week it’s Donervon Daniels’ turn!

It was obviously a great feeling to get off to winning ways with a great win over Scunthorpe in midweek.

The change in formation definitely worked, and I thought we played some fantastic stuff.

Davo up top with Will proved a real handful - they held the ball up well, they brought us up the pitch.

Those two give defenders problems problems by running in behind and, having defended against them in training, I know how much they hate that.

Especially Davo coming in to the side, sometimes you want to get in front of him, but he’s so strong he can just pin and roll you.

I’m definitely happy we have the pair of them on our side, and not playing against them.

The way we played - passing it out from the back - felt good as well.

It was hard for them to cope with what we were doing, and I think the whole team was very effective.

The team we have in our dressing room, we feel we can pretty much challenge and beat anyone this year.

But there’s a lot of good teams in this league, and we can’t just go out and produce a performance like we did first game of the season and expect to just breeze through.

We need to go out with the expectation that they’ll be as good as us, and that’ll bring out the best in us.

Throughout the whole team, it was just a really solid performance. It would be hard for someone to have picked a man of the match because there were so many good performers.

It’s definitely something we can build on.

We just have to stay consistent, keep our feet on the ground and keep moving towards the goals we’ve set ourselves for the season.

We can’t get too carried away. It’s just one game and we need to stay focused.

It’s a new era. The chairman and the manager have been fantastic with their recruitment.

It’s obviously going to take timer to gel, and I still don’t think we’ve totally gelled yet.

I think you’ve seen signs from the previous games and certainly on Wednesday that was coming together. A lot of teams in this league want to get the ball and just kick it long.

With the players we have, we’re designed to play. That’s our philosophy, that’s our style.

We want to play from the back and we want to play through the middle.

The gaffer’s said to us, even if the opposition press us, even if we make a mistake, just keep going.

We did that on Wednesday night and everyone could see how effective we were doing that.

Obviously the fans expect a certain level of football to be played, and rightly so because of the players we have.


It was great to record our first win of the season on Wednesday, but we have to back it up at Gillingham on Saturday.

They’ve had a very good start, they’ve surprised a lot of people so far, and we know they’ll give us a tough game.

Having spent time there on loan at the start of my career, I know their fans really get behind them and they’re a force on home soil.

They’ve got some very good players, some of whom I know quite well from my time there.

One of them Bradley Dack messaged me straight after Wednesday’s game, he’d obviously seen the result.

We’ve just got to go there, implement the tactics we’ve been working on and take it from there.

They like to play the ball around a bit so it’s going to be a good footballing



I obviously enjoyed my goal on Wednesday night, it was a very good feeling to see it hit the net.

It’s the first goal we’ve managed to score from open play this season, so I’ve started us off!

It’s over to Will and Davo and the rest of the boys now to do the rest.

I’ve actually scored a few goals in my career.

I think I’ve scored at least one for every team I’ve played for - even the ones I’ve only spent a short time with on loan.

Hopefully there’s more to come! It was just good to be back in the starting


I felt like I didn’t deserve to be out of the team in the first place.

But I kept my head down, kept working hard, and the gaffer was aware of that.

I don’t think the team did all that bad against Doncaster, but we really wanted the win.

He changed the team, and we obviously performed excellently on Wednesday.

The fans were fantastic, they were our driving force and they helped us all the way.