Fitness Column - Be cool and keep yourself hydrated!

New Year health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel
New Year health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel

SUMMER has well and truly arrived, we’ve suffered the dreaded commute to work on public transport and the sleepless nights with every window in the house open and it’s only going to get hotter!

During the summer months it’s crucial you keep hydrated as you can easily dehydrate in the heat. You often find that during summer you’re more thirsty than usual and tend to drink a lot more – and I’m not just talking alcohol in the beer gardens!

Going to the gym when the weather’s hot is sometimes seriously unbearable, not only do you want to just sit in the garden and bask in the sun but the heat inside the gym is enough to leave you gasping for air!

Get yourself a water bottle, preferably one that holds 2 litres of water and chuck it in the freezer overnight, that way when you get to work you’ll have ice cold water for the entire day. You’ll feel more alert and you may even find you drink the whole thing in no time at all – time for a refill!

Another great way to keep hydrated is to eat fruit – it’s dense in water and not only hydrates you but gives you a cheeky little sugar kick that your body might of been craving. Try buying fruits such as watermelon, peaches and pears as they hold a lot more juice than an apple or banana.