Fitness column - Sowing the seeds for a healthy diet

New Year health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel
New Year health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel

GETTING extra nutrients can be easier AND cheaper than you’d think ...

Healthy eating can be expensive. This all too common excuse to keep your body from some pretty important nutrients has existed since mass-produced junk food started.

In the ever increasing demand for people to ditch the junk food and start looking for healthier alternatives it’s getting more and more common for new trends and fads to crop up. These however can often be expensive and difficult to source.

But, if you are looking for an easy way to get some extra nutrients into your diet then read on.

Sustainable and affordable, seeds have huge nutritional benefits and at a reasonable price. For a big source of fibre, something that is often lacking from our modern day diet take a look at Chia seeds. If you are looking for an energy booster then get online and have a look at Hemp seeds. Packed with plant protein and essential amino acids that you’d otherwise find in eggs, meat and dairy.

Sunflower seeds are often overlooked as a cheap tasty snack and what’s more packed with Vitamin E as well as other essential minerals. Spend a little time reading up on these super but small snacks and you’ll see that seeds aren’t just for spreading on the lawn.