Fitness column - Which foods best for healthy bones?

Health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel
Health tips from Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel

STACEY, 21, asks: I always see food product adverts on TV about the importance of eating calcium, but with so many different ones, it’s hard to know what foods are the best for calcium intake. I know I need it to keep my bones strong for the gym, but are there any foods that are more beneficial than others for this?

The Colonel said: Stacey, you’re right in thinking you need to consume plenty of calcium when you’re exercising. Not only is it needed to form bones and teeth, but it also helps prevent blood clotting and muscle contraction. When it comes to exercising, its vital to have the right dose of calcium in your body, as it helps stop cramps, and makes your bones stronger, giving you the ability to do more in the gym!

When you sweat, you lose minerals in your body such as calcium, so you need to make sure you put them back in.

What foods do you get calcium from?

Well, we probably all have memories of when we were children when our parents tried to force us to drink glasses of milk to keep our teeth strong, on this occasion, our parents were right!

Dairy products are generally high in calcium.

Milk and yoghurt are the best for these, lower in fat than cheese. A less obvious food type high in calcium is green vegetables, broccoli and kale are great for this, in an 85g serving there is 34mg of calcium, we should be eating about 1000mg a day. This may sound like an impossible amount, but its actually surprising how many food types contain calcium.

Fish such as salmon, sardines and nuts are also calcium rich. Generally, a good diet will give you a steady calcium intake, keeping your bones strong and less susceptible to breaking!