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Geoffrey Shryhane
Geoffrey Shryhane

DID you catch any of the Come Dine With Me programmes filmed in Wigan?

Broadcast by Channel 4, the five shows had me on a knife’s humorous edge. And they sure were entertaining.

They featured five Wiganers – Natalie, Geoff, Caroline, Alan and Simon who cooked on separate nights.

I suspect bags of film was shot then edited down to capture the best bits. Or worst bits, depending on your point of view.

I caught Tuesday’s episode featuring Beech Hill hairdresser Natalie Crompton, of Gorman Street, Wigan, who owns three cats which didn’t go down well with some of the other diners.

Of course, the competitors don’t know what the others have said about their meals until the programmes are aired.

All was revealed on Friday. And whether the diners remained friends after that is anybody’s guess.

Some of those taxi-filmed comments about each other’s culinary skills were scathing to say the least.


“THINGS I miss” was a feature of last week’s Wigan World. I asked what you missed – and you’ve not been slow to tell me.

My long-time correspondent Irene Roberts of Abram says she misses cardboard library tickets, “gas” shillings, temperance bars, May Queens, lamp lighters, jumble sales and Penny Arrows.

Joan Robert of Standish writes: “I miss my parents most of all. I suppose most folks do. I miss the sound of clogs on the pavements.”

Ronald Grimshaw emailed: “The things I miss is very long. I’ll mention just three – the smell of cigars in my pub, and our sports grounds at Central Park and Springfield Park.”

Enid Lawson of Up Holland tells me: “I miss those days when things were brought round the street by horse and cart – the milk, the groceries, the coal. Giving those horses a cough drop was lovely.”

Brian Mills emailed: “I know it sounds a bit daft but I really miss the time when Wigan town centre was quiet and deserted on Sunday. Now it’s just like any other day.”

Miss Holland of Ince rang to say: “I miss my old dog. He wandered off about five years ago and I still miss him to this day.”