Give yourself a boost with pancakes

Our fitness expert, The Colonel, look at a tasty diet option to help give you a lift...

Wednesday, 14th February 2018, 12:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th February 2018, 1:05 pm
Bananas can be a healthy addition to your pancakes

With January now well past its sell by date, many of you may be feeling rather exhausted as you strive to continue pushing on with those New Year resolutions into February.

As both pancake day and Valentine’s Day have rolled around this week, however, don’t leave yourself feeling flat as a pancake and in danger of those unwanted love handles coming back to haunt you. Instead, get cooking good-looking – these pancakes are sure to give you just the boost you’re after!


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Laced with three types of natural sugars, bananas have more digestible carbohydrates than any other fruit making them a great healthy option to give you that much needed daily pick-up. Owing to their complex makeup of nutrients, it is also supposed they offer serious mood lifting powers. Combine with some dark chocolate and you could be on to a winning formula. In particular, dark chocolate with a cacao content of at least 70% is known to be jam-packed with a whole host of antioxidants. Better still, it causes the brain to release endorphins, which contribute to a positive feeling in our bodies and minds as well as reducing the perception of pain.


Instead of drowning that pancake stack in a sea of maple syrup, why not instead head to the fruit aisle of your local supermarket and fill your boots with Blueberries. They might only be little, but they come loaded with an abundance of powerful antioxidants and energy boosting carbs that can not only boost energy, but brain power. Think about throwing some in your pancakes on Tuesday – to us at least, it’s a no brainer!


If it’s savoury you’re after, look no further than Popeye’s very own cookbook, by adding Spinach into your pancakes. Packing quite the protein punch, give these the eggcellent finishing touch of class they deserve, with a soft egg on top. Cracking all-round!