Latics guest column: Alex Revell

Alex Revell
Alex Revell

IT’S certainly been an exciting week for me, starting at Cardiff and ending here at Wigan.

After speaking to the gaffer last weekend, and discovering a loan move might be available, it’s been non-stop.

Once you get to a new club, it’s all about bedding in, getting your first training session out of the way and getting involved with the lads.

To be honest, they’ve been brilliant.

It’s a really good group, the training’s been excellent and it’s nice to be somewhere where people are working hard and pushing others for places.

That’s what you need if you want to be successful - competition for places - and I’ve already seen it’s here in abundance.

After a whirlwind week, it’s all about looking forward now to a big few weeks coming up, and hopefully helping to push us up that league table.

I have to say it was an easy footballing decision for me to come here.

Obviously, on a personal level, I’ve got two kids and my wife still down in Cardiff, which is tough.

But you’re only in football for a short time, it’s a very short career, and to get the chance to come to a club like this was a no-brainer.

The move nearly happened over the summer but didn’t for whatever reason.

I just thought that if I kept impressing people with my performances then maybe it would one day.

Once I got the green light to come here, we started speaking and, within 12 hours, it was done.

For me to be up here, playing for a manager who believes in me and what I can bring to the team, is a great feeling. It allows me to start on a positive.

I was at the game against Blackpool on Tuesday night, and some of the football we played was excellent.

That’s what people want to see, and I want to be a part of it.

As a centre-forward, I was licking my lips at the prospect of playing in a side like that, playing as well as that.

I’m ready to play this weekend, and I’m desperate to do so.

I’ve trained this week and I can’t wait to get going.

It’s also great to be back working alongside Craig Morgan, my old mate from Rotherham.

He’s a real leader and someone you know you can rely on week in week out.

For him to come here was a great move for him, and he hasn’t had a bad word to say about the club or the town.

I’ve been speaking to him quite a lot while this move was happening, and he was nothing but positive.

It’s obviously nice to have that friendly face here, but obviously you play with and against a lot of players over the years and I know a few of the lads here.

I’ve played against Pearcey quite a few times over the years, and had quite a few tasty tackles off him, so it’ll be good to be playing on the same side for a change.

I’m desperate to succeed during my time with Wigan, and the goal here is winning promotion from League One.

We achieved back-to-back promotions with Rotherham, and winning games breeds confidence.

Under Steve Evans, there was a fear factor. You knew you had to work hard or you wouldn’t be at the club any more.

Not just you wouldn’t be in the team – you wouldn’t be at the club any more.

Listen, he is what he is. He’s a character, but no-one can argue with his CV.

It takes a certain type of player to deal with him – some players can’t deal with that, some can.

You know that if you’re not the kind of player that can, then you’re not going to be there for very long.

He liked players who would work hard, give him everything, and leave nothing behind.

That was what it was like at Rotherham. We had 11 players who would do that.

He wants everyone to hate him. That’s what he enjoys.

It’s a siege mentality, but it works for him.

Sometimes he’d go off his rocker a bit, but it’s worked.

He’s a different type of manager to what some people would like.

But if I was an owner and I wanted to get results, his CV speaks for itself.

I’m looking forward to playing at the DW Stadium - it was quite lucky for me last season.

I played in Cardiff’s win here in February, after scoring the winner for Rotherham in the 2-1 victory just before Christmas.

Unfortunately for Wigan, that game against Rotherham pretty much summed up the season.

Latics got it back to 1-1, and literally seconds later Rotherham managed to go back in front. Towards the end you hit the bar and did everything but score - it was like Wickes had built a wall in front of the goal!

Sadly sometimes teams have that kind of season, where everything turns into a catastrophe.

But sometimes dropping down into League One, and the chance to refresh and rebuild, can be a good thing.

It’s happened to Leeds, Southampton, Norwich among others and they’ve rebuilt and bounced back.

Hopefully Wigan will be able to do that as well.

Alex Revell was speaking to Paul Kendrick