Latics guest column: Sean Murray

Sean Murray
Sean Murray

ALL the lads are really raring to go for the big JPT clash against Barnsley this weekend.

We’ve done really well so far in the competition, with good wins against Crewe and Blackpool.

And if you think look at it, there’s suddenly only a couple of hurdles left to go.

It would be great for us as a squad to get through to Wembley, after Wigan’s FA Cup win of 2013.

Obviously this is a different competition, the JPT, but it’s still a big deal for us.

In the short term it’s a big chance to get some more games under our belt, and hopefully a chance to play at Wembley at the end of it.

That would obviously a great day out, but it’s also important not to look too far beyond Barnsley this weekend.

We need to go about it the same way we did Blackpool in the last round – work hard, be professional and hopefully score a few goals again.

I was happy to get my goal that night, because it’s certainly been a long time coming – maybe a couple of years.

I hit it quite well, and it bounced up a little which made the strike even better.

It was one of those where you let go and hope for the bets, and it was great to see it fly in.

The team performance that night was spot on, and that comes from the competition for places here.

We’ve such a big squad, and games in the JPT are a great chance for some of the lads who haven’t been playing as much to come in and show what they can do.

All of the boys have been training hard this week, desperate for the chance to get out there on Saturday.

It’s not down to me, but hopefully I get that chance.

Whether you’re playing or training, all you’re always trying to impress the gaffer and his staff.

The quality of the training here is so high, and that’s because the players who aren’t playing are pushing each other and the players who are playing are trying to keep them out.

With Christmas coming up, it’s a chance for the squad as a whole to show how strong it is.

And it’s up to everyone to be ready to take their chance when it comes.

Even though the squad is big, everyone gets on really well.

It’s a really tight group, and that makes it easier when you’re not playing every week, with everyone being so supportive.

I’ve only been here a short time, but I know getting back to Wembley would bring back some great memories for the Wigan fans.

There’s pictures absolutely everywhere of the FA Cup win, which is great to see even though I wasn’t here at the time.

I know Ben Watson well from our Watford days, so he’s filled me in just once or twice on the events of that famous day.

He didn’t like to talk about it much to be fair...only every single day!

Joking aside it was great for him to be the hero.

He’s a really good bloke and I’m very happy for him to have achieved what he has.

Christmas is just around the corner, and it can be a difficult time for footballers.

It’s so intense, there’s so many games in such a short space of time, and if you’re not playing you’re either training or preparing.

It’s going to be extra difficult for me because, coming from the south, I’ve not spent a Christmas away from home yet. Hopefully I can get some family and friends to come up and see me for part of it, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

Sean Murray was talking to Paul Kendrick