Liam Farrell column: My favourite kit design is ...

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I like the fact Wigan have put six kit designs up for fans to vote for.

Since I’ve been in the team, every third year they stray away from tradition – and all of these designs are quite bold.

I’ll be honest, the two ‘unusual’ tops I’ve worn in the past, in 2011 and 2014, haven’t been my favourite shirts of those I’ve worn.

But I think there are merits to all six of these new designs.

Of the six, my favourite is the one Sam Powell is modelling.

It’s the most traditional of the lot, and – without trying to influence the vote – I think it will be most popular.

Hull KR have been hit and miss this year but we’re preparing to face the best of them.

In terms of personnel, they look to have their key player back on board.

Terry Campese returned to their side last week and really helped them to a comfortable victory at Wakefield.

They click when he plays and from hearing the talk among the lads, there’s no-one underestimating them.

It’s one of the older grounds and as we’ve found in the past, it can be tough if you don’t go there with the right attitude.

But we’re in confident mood after the 23-20 win at Salford last week.

We did a good job down the middle, Matty and George controlled the game well and our wingers took their chances.

It was a better win that it looks on the surface.

The last 10 minutes were a bit twitchy, but Salford are a good side, Justin Carney is a great weapon for them and they have other players who can cause problems.

I know they’re appealing their six-point deduction – if they are successful, I still think they could make things interesting in the Super-8s.

We need the win to keep up the pressure at the top.

The three sides who are in the top-four with us are all performing well. We still feel there’s a lot of improvement in us, but we’re happy with the position we’re in.

With Hull FC and Warrington meeting, and Saints travelling to Catalans, things may change this weekend.

Right now, it’s hard to see the top-four changing – except the order they are in – but there are still a lot of points to play for.

You only need one side to dip off, and one of the chasing pack to go on a run, and things can change very quickly.

We’ve won three games in succession on the road, and our away form generally has been pretty good this year, with wins at Hull FC and St Helens too.

A few people have asked what we’re doing differently, because our record on our travels last season was pretty poor.

But the answer is: nothing.

Maybe the players’ mindsets are different, but in terms of the preparation, the build-up, the talk... everything is the same. There’s not one thing different.

Actually, that’s not true.

This year, our chef Martin has been coming on the coach to feed us.

He’s pretty good, and if someone has a meal they prefer, he’ll make it for them – we’re lucky to have him.

Sweet potato, chicken and veg’ would be by first-option pre-game meal, but I’m not fussy.

The big news this week was Leeds transfer-listing Zak Hardaker.

He says he wants to go to the NRL, and I think he would go well over there. I’ve played with and against Zak several times and he’s a world-class player.

I’ve been in a position when you get through the Leeds line, and he’s in your face straight away. He knows people rate him defensively, and I think he puts a lot into maintaining that reputation.

His loss would be unfortunate for Super League, but good luck to him.

Good luck to England at the Euros.

As I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest football fan but I’ll always keep an eye on things and I’m hoping England do well. Fingers crossed.