Luke Marsden - Loopy about ‘The Loop’

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WE have been very fortunate this week that the sun has been out (this is probably our summer, it will snow in July!) so I decided to take Lewi (he is feeling better, by the way) and head out for a lovely afternoon walk.

I asked myself, where will I go?

The answer? I took the ‘Whelley Loop Line’ up to Haigh Hall.

When the Loop Line was revamped and the path made clear I was in the Big Brother House in 2008. But I was thoroughly impressed at what they had done to it once I arrived back in Wigan.

The route up to Haigh Hall from my house via the Loop Line is a pleasant one; it takes you into the woodlands, past streams and it’s simple to follow (so you won’t need an Ordnance Survey Map!)

Another great feature of the Loop Line is the clear markings on the sign posts and an estimated time of arrival although I do walk at a fast speed so I beat the estimated time. A walk down the canal is great but if you want something a little different, a route off the beaten path and something that isn’t in a straight line then I advise you to walk with the Whelley Loop Line as your guide

We are lucky in our town, some towns don’t have as much forestry and greenery as us.

I think we take our woodlands for granted and as summer approaches - we hope!- take the time to take a stroll and take in the scenery and the quietness of the walk and explore the areas which the Loop Line will take you.

If you do get lost though don’t worry there is always a fellow dog walker around on hand to steer you back on the path and you can hardly miss the tall green sign posts, besides they don’t get it the “Loop Line” for nothing.