Luke Marsden - Please give generously

MAY seems to have been the month of giving.

I’ve been invited to many charity events this month. It’s refreshing to see and hear people thinking of others rather than thinking of themselves.

When you see those adverts that say “please give £3 a month now” they really do mean that every pound makes a difference.

Giving to charity doesn’t just stop when you reach 40 though, far from it as last Sunday my Dad and 60 of his colleagues from Premier Foods on Cale Lane trekked to Coniston in the Lake District on behalf of Help For Heroes.

As they arrived at the base of the mountain one of hikers said: “The Old Man of Ince said he wasn’t looking forward to claiming the old man of Coniston”

They braved the 70mph winds during the trip and my Dad said it was well worth the blisters on his feet as they expect to raise thousands of pounds for the charity.

Yeah, it’s tough economic times for us all but it’s even tougher for charities who really do rely on the support of others.

Even giving a few pence into a bucket whilst buying a coffee or shopping can make a difference. I’ve already attended a few events this year and my goal is to attend a few more.

Oh and on a final note everyone was chatting about football to me last week, I personally don’t watch it but I believe congratulations are in order to Wigan Athletic for staying up!