Music Scene - From Toronto to Platt Bridge!

WHEN a Canadian rock band was deciding where to record their new album, why did they immediately think Wigan was the place to be?

The legendary John Kettle.

High Holy Days, four grungey rockers from Toronto, are currently holed up in Jaraf Studios near Platt Bridge, the internationally renowned home of the ex-Tansad man.

The quartet, Marc Arcand (vocals), Dave Thompson (guitar), Chris Amey (bass) and Brian Bird (drums) are laying down tracks for their second album and have followed a whole host of their countrymen to the studio complex.

Ahead of that, they are set to treat Wiganers to a taster of tunes from the follow up to All My Real Friends, on Saturday night at the Tavern, Mesnes Street, Wigan and on Thursday (tonight) at DeeJays in Leigh.

Considering these four Torontonians hit the top 10 in their home country, it's not a bad little fillip for us Wiganers.

Lead singer Marc Arcand explains: "We don't mind if it's in front of 20 people or 2,000.

"For us it's all about the music, both finding new bands and playing our songs for people who may not have heard them before."

Guitarist Dave said: "We're here to get away from it all.

"We wanted some isolation to record our album and our manager suggested this place.

"In Canada you can travel eight hours north for the isolation, but you won't find someone of the quality of John Kettle in those remoter parts."

Marc adds with a disarming smile: "Yeah, if we were in Canada, we'd end up bringing about 15 girls back to the studio with us and we'd never get anything done.

"We're here to work and here we are consistently reminded that's what we're doing."

The album, as yet untitled, which they describe as straight up rock and roll, will be out in mid-summer.

Ahead of that, High Holy Days, will be playing at The Tavern on Saturday alongside Wigan's wildboyz Moco, with whom they are now firm friends, and The Randoms.