NATURE NOTES - Bring on the BioBlitz

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ON Saturday, June 15, Three Sisters Local Nature Reserve is hosting a BioBlitz! A what I hear you mutter?

During a BioBlitz, groups of scientists, naturalists and volunteers conduct an intensive field study over a short, usually 24 hour, time span.

A BioBlitz has different opportunities and benefits than a traditional, scientific field study which include:

Enjoyment – instead of a highly structured and measured field survey, this sort of event has the atmosphere of a festival. The short time frame makes the searching more exciting.

Local – offers the chance for people to visit a nearby setting and see that local parks have biodiversity and are important to conserve.

Science – encourages people to meet working scientists and ask them questions.

Identifying rare and unique species/groups - When volunteers and scientists work together, they are able to identify uncommon or special habitats for protection and management and, in some cases, rare species may be uncovered.

Documenting species occurrence - BioBlitzes do not provide a complete species inventory for a site, but they provide a species list which makes a basis for a more complete inventory.

All that is needed is interested individuals to come along and have fun whilst finding out lots of interesting information about local wildlife – they are especially suitable for children with their fascination for wildlife. Last years BioBlitz which was held at Low Hall Local Nature Reserve was a great success and provided us with reams of information of species on site some of which was a complete surprise! A very rare bramble was identified and some botanists got quite excited studying it.

We kick off with events focused on bats and moths Friday night – hope to see you there!