Opinion - A disgusting act of vandalism

Charles Graham
Charles Graham

HOW distressing it was to read the story this week about the vandalism at Hindley Junior and Infants’ School.

That the main culprits - whose sickening desecration of the building included smearing their own excrement around the place - appear to be themselves children is no great surprise.

This, sadly, is the type of crime which is more commonly perpetrated by youngsters.

It certainly doesn’t make it anymore excusable, though.

The distress of the young pupils, especially those involved in running the mini-allotment which was so effectively trashed, was said by staff to be very great.

Should the culprits ever be caught, one wonders what punishment might be meted out.

A warning? A small fine perhaps?

It’s situations like this that put me at my most retributive.

An impossible scenario in this day and age I know, but seeing them have some of their own treasured possessions broken in front of them might bring these “mindless” folk to their senses. Anyone remember TV interior designers Colin and Justin doing that to some young vandals with their parents’ permission? The expressions of horror then realisation were priceless.

Back to reality and I can simply hope they are arrested and held to account by whatever tough means are available to the authorities. Maybe some community work cleaning up dog muck...?

WELL, we are all starting to believe again.

The blue and white is breaking out around Wigan as the countdown begins to the FA Cup holders’ semi-final showdown with Arsenal on Saturday week.

Last year’s campaign perhaps began more in hope than expectation but truly played a role in further galvanising both our football and rugby teams in their successful quests for silverware.

This time the odds of Wigan Athletic getting to the FA Cup final might be longer for the match ahead, but if anything the expectation is higher.

Wigan has turned over three Premier League opponents already, has a pretty good track record against

Arsenal and there is nothing to lose or prove so they can go out there, enjoy themselves and express themselves.

The biggest danger is that the Latics don’t get too complacent!