Opinion - Appreciate the little things

Andy Edgeworrth
Andy Edgeworrth
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IT finally happened - the clocks went forward.

It is easily one of the best days of the year. I don’t really subscribe to things like seasonal disorder, but I can see how it gets people down. I spend the whole winter without really seeing daylight, so the summer months are a real blessing.

There is just something comforting about driving home in sunlight after work and knowing that I don’t face a race against time to walk the dog before it gets too dark to see.

I can now look forward to summer evening walks along the banks of the Mersey and can nip in to the odd beer garden for a swift one – bliss.

However, the chances of having a summer as fine as the last one are fairly slim I reckon.

Last year was one of those years we’ll remember for generations (it may finally shut those people up who still bang on about 1976 as if it were some biblical event).

I also find it easier to exercise which means I tend to lose a few pounds and get in shape to them put it all back on and stop in winter.

But it cannot be denied – the long summer nights are a fine thing and it is the little things which make us happy. We all have little things that please us.

Summer nights are certainly one of mine as are cold pillows and the smell of new shoes.

I often feel we don’t appreciate the little things in life enough, so make sure you make the most of these summer evenings and go out for a stroll. Oh, and have a pint too!

JAMES McArthur has played almost every single game for Wigan Athletic so far this season which, given their Europa League and domestic cup runs, is a fairly good effort in the modern era. He has also just become a father and mentioned that his wife was ‘good enough to let him sleep in the spare room’.

I am ‘lucky’ in that regard also James as I am often allowed to do the same ...

usually after the annual football lads trip to the races or when I’m back four hours after I say I will be from the pub on bank holiday Sunday!