Opinion - Ease the law on medicinal ‘weed’

Broadcaster Bill Turnbull touched the hearts of millions when he spoke frankly about his incurable prostate cancer diagnosis.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 2:49 pm
Bill Turnbull

Now folk are sitting up again as he enters the controversial field of drugs.

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In a Channel 4 documentary airing on October 24 he hopes that when Brexit is dealt with politicians can get on with “constructive” things like loosening the restrictions on medicinal drug use. He speaks after sampling “weed” in a quest to find suitable treatment for his condition.

Well I’m eye to eye with Bill on this. When you think how it can ease pain and reduce the symptoms of conditions such as MS, and how many unpleasant side-effects are caused by many drugs without recreational properties, it is daft to pass up the chance to prescribe cannabis for treatment.