Opinion - Election overload leads to disinterest

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth
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I CURRENTLY find myself in the midst of by-election purgatory.

Since the extremely sad death of all-round good egg Paul Goggins, I have been inundated with political rhetoric and it reached a new level this weekend just passed.

I was behind a UKIP emblazoned car on Saturday (ironically a Japanese model) as it toured the streets of Wythenshawe and Sale East and was accosted by Tories on my way out of the bookies the very same afternoon.

My blue recycling bin is nearly full due to the incredible amount of propaganda that has poured through my letter box over the past fortnight and every third house has a sign in the garden reminding me to vote for so and so.

In the midst of all this I have to decide who to vote for. I am happy to admit that I have always thought it important to vote and have always had my own political principles.

However, in the last couple of weeks – with all the drivel being spouted about by all concerned – I have come to realise that for the first time I’m completely apathetic to it all.

I am so sick of all the nonsense and political games that I actually really don’t care anymore. Of course, I will vote and again based on my political principles, but I genuinely wouldn’t expect the outcome to make any difference any more.

Am I alone in my political apathy? The recent turnout in other by-elections, not least the recent one in Winstanley, would probably suggest I am not.

Something has to change if those in power are to regain the trust and interest of the masses, but quite how they will do that is beyond me.

In other news, it is often difficult to sympathise with Arsene Wenger, but following his unfortunate fall in Liverpool’s Lime Street station I really did feel for the bloke.

Not only had his team just got a good hiding off Liverpool, but it was clearly painful, but as per, somebody filmed it and his humiliation was complete.

It’s a good job it was him instead of one of his players (Jack Wilshere for example) as they would have rolled around for 20 minutes holding a part of their body that clearly wasn’t affected whilst shouting: “Ref!” at a passing Virgin Trains employee.