OPINION - Joseph’s charity an inspiration

Charles Graham
Charles Graham

FUND-raising is a way of life for many British people, I’m proud to say.

Indeed in comparison with a lot of other developed countries we are an astonishingly charitable bunch.

Children In Need is on the horizon again which is sure to amass tens of millions more to good causes; the next Red Nose Day should see it pass the £1bn mark and our governments have long done us proud by giving larger amounts of overseas aid to the needy than almost any other nation.

But be under no illusion: for all the wonderful goodwill, charity is in just as competitive a market as businesses.

I’ve not see the figures, but I imagine that the number of good causes are constantly on the increase as new appeals are set up at a faster rate than established ones close.

And after several years of economic hardship, complete with food banks requesting donations, we are in a period when the public has been asked to dig particularly deep into its pockets. There is also only so much money to go round.

So for a new charity on the block to make a significant impact in these circumstances is a particularly laudable achievement.

Joseph’s Goal is currently celebrating its second anniversary and in so doing has been able to announce it has passed the £150,000 mark. A truly fantastic achievement.

Of course we at the Wigan Evening Post have a bit of a biased invested interest in this particular charity because it was set up by our Latics writer Paul Kendrick and his wife Emma to fund treatment for and research into non-ketotic hyperglycinemia. It is a highly debilitating and currently incurable condition from which their five-year-old son Joseph suffers.

Given that it was also set up when the Wigan-based Joining Jack charity (with an astonishing backing of international celebrities) was already in full flight, it has done terrifically well to fight its own corner with such success.

No-one will forget Emmerson Boyce bringing Joseph out onto the pitch at the FA Cup Final last year and that itself was a huge advert for the cause.

But in the end it is the generosity of ordinary Wigan folk, backed by both the Latics and Warriors, which has helped the Kendricks hit this amazing staging post on their fund-raising journey.

And long may it continue.