OPINION - Savouring the magic of autumn

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth
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THE autumn is in full swing!

By the time you read this you will no doubt be running round your garden picking up roof tiles mercilessly ripped from your roof by the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo while torrential rain causes minor flooding with leaves clogging up your drains (not to mention clogger mussels).

This will soon be followed by the ceaseless crack of fireworks which cause your pet mutt to defecate in the airing cupboard followed by teams of urchins in costume demanding sweet comestibles.

This is then closely followed by yet more fireworks to celebrate the demise of Guido Fawkes and if you’re particularly unfortunate your street will be used by countless vehicles whose owners somehow think that because there is a bonfire in the park behind your house it is fine for them to block your driveway.

Having said all that, there is still something magical about this time of year.

The few weeks before the clocks go back (don’t get me started on this subject) are my favourite time of year. As a rule it is cooler, but not yet freezing. The trees and hedgerows give off magnificent colours in the late afternoon sun and the delightful smell of coal fires creeps into the air.

It is a time of year where I quite like going out for a walk having just invested in a new coat and broken out the knitwear and when a stroll to a pub with a coal fire for a pint is most agreeable.

It soon passes as November usually means wind, rain and darkness, which puts pay to any good feelings brought about by autumn.

Walks become a chore and the realisation that daylight will only be seen at a weekend soon bites hard.

So make the most of it while it lasts and instead of moaning about the weather get out and enjoy it – soon it will be a lot worse.

Don’t worry about leaves on your lawn or your leaking roof.

Get out for a walk and have a pint while you can.

Before you know it Christmas will be here!