Opinion - Trust members arrive right on queue

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth

THERE is nothing like the bank holiday weekend to lift the spirits and despite the weather not being quite as nice as first hoped, it is still a welcome tonic.

For those faux-religious types (I’d wager at least 90 per cent of those who observe Lent are not religious, which begs the question why bother?) it is a chance to once again eat chocolate, it tends to signify the cutting of lawns and for many it is a chance to get absolutely banjaxed in a beer garden.

Personally I was tasked with putting up some new fence panels, but on Sunday I did manage to get to Tatton Park with some friends and their children.

I like Tatton Park and for that matter I like pretty much all National Trust attractions.

In the winter I like nothing better than taking the dog out for a walk across the acres up at Tatton, but Easter Sunday was a different kettle of fish.

It was quite literally heaving (which is to be expected) but that wasn’t particularly what bothered me despite the car parks being full from before 10.30am.

Although I must add at this point I did notice a Wigan Athletic flag rising up above the trees from the caravan park opposite (Wiganers are everywhere).

What annoys me – and I hate to say it – are National Trust members.

Now I don’t have anything against being a member of the National Trust.

In fact, if I visited such places more often I would be one myself and for families it makes a great deal of sense as you pay your membership and can enter any of their many fantastic attractions free of charge.

However, why do these members have to seem so smug about being a member?

As we queued to enter the wonderful gardens at Tatton Park a lady shouted down the line that any members need not queue and could jump the line as it was for paying customers only. Again I have no problems there.

However, the first family that ran down the line shouting “Me, Me, Me” as if they were in the film Shrek, seemed so smug, waving their membership card around as if they’d won the lottery, trying to catch the eye of every poor sod who was stood waiting to pay.

And is there a dress code for Trust members? Children in matching cagoules while their parents have his and hers walking boots and colour co-ordinated gilets! And a compass on a string round your neck. Why would you need a compass, man?! You are in walled gardens at Tatton Park – not part of the Telemark expedition! And even if you were I doubt your aluminium flask you got free with the gilet at Millets will be any use at all!

I can assure you this new-found pessimism has nothing to do with City limping out the back door of the title race! Happy Easter.