Opinion - Twenty things my dog taught me

Andy Edgeworth
Andy Edgeworth
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I NEVER thought I’d be a dog lover. As a child we didn’t have pets as my father had an inherent dislike for anything living that wasn’t human – particularly canines.

However, I have now had Orwell (a Patterdale terrier cross) for more than three years now and have grown to love him the way all dog owners love their pets.

However, it got me thinking recently about the things dogs can teach us so here are 20 things Orwell has taught me:

1) Only speak when it is important.

2) The greatest pleasures include a good meal, a long lie in the sun and a good scratch.

3) Promises aren’t necessary – if you are going to do something, you will; if you won’t, you won’t.

4) When getting up after a rest you should always use the item you are resting on to stretch.

5) Squirrels are evil.

6) Being around is the most important part of being a friend.

7) Sleep is necessary. All living things do better with it.

8) It’s OK to be lazy. If nothing is happening, relax.

9) Curiosity is everything.

10) Vegetables are important – especially carrots and broccoli stems.

11) Too much dry food isn’t good for you.

12) You can live perfectly well without TV or smart phones or social media.

13) Exercise is important for well-being.

14) Everyone and everything loves loud music.

15) There is much more fun to be had with an ice cube than just putting it in your gin and tonic.

16) The dark isn’t scary.

17) We waste far too much food – every part is edible.

18) Waking up – for any living creature – takes time.

19) Many things aren’t what they first appear to be.

20) High fives are the way forward.