Paul Kendrick: On a mission - Week 3

THREE weeks in and I'm making real progress in my new fitness regime.

Friday, 19th February 2016, 11:55 am
Updated Friday, 19th February 2016, 1:45 pm
FITNESS COLUMN Wigan Evening Post reporter Paul Kendrick in the gym with personal trainer Ryan Garnett, at Gym Works, Euxon Lane, Chorley.

For a start, I’ve lost almost a stone in weight.

Despite eating more food than I ever have in my life.

Bulking up on protein – and completely cutting out the carbohydrates and sugar – has been the secret.

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It’s allowing me to burn off existing fat supplies while never feeling hungry in the slightest.

With the help of additional supplements and nutrients provided by local firm Mission Nutrition, I’m also able to attack my gym sessions with gusto.

Under the watchful eye of Personal Trainer Ryan Garnett at Gym Works in Euxton, I’m through the ‘beginners’ stage and I feel I’m making real progress in terms of physique as well.

As a relative novice, I’ve always thought going to gym was all about the bench press, the cross-trainer, a bit of rowing and then a quick (all right, long) dip in the jacuzzi.

Not a bit of it.

Ryan’s put together a structured programme involving machines I’ve never seen before, exercising muscles I never even thought I had, all in a state-of-the-art facility that is totally conducive to helping me – and scores of others – achieve major goals.

Straight-away Ryan noticed that my posture could do with work.

Years of working in an office – not to mention my tall physique – have led to a slightly ‘slumped’ natural body shape, which he’s already beating me out of.

Diet-wise, my body has already become ‘fat adapted’ – basically meaning I’ve reset my system – and I can now start to introduce the odd food that had previously been banned, like berries and sweet potatoes.

As well as the support of Ryan, Gym Works and Mission Nutrition, I’m also been assisted greatly by my work colleagues at Wigan Today.

We were treated to a day in the corporates during Wigan Athletic’s recent game against Port Vale, which could have posed a problem given my new-found dietary requirements.

Thankfully, my peers went the extra mile to ensure there was nothing to worry about.

News reporter Greg Farrimond ate my bread roll before I’d even sat down, kindly pointing out: “It’s not like you’re allowed it anyway.”

Sports editor Phil Wilkinson was the grateful recipient of my mashed and boiled potatoes while, after I’d scooped the yolk out of my scotch egg, Greg was back to hoover up the breadcrumbs.

The less said about the fight over my banoffee pie the better, while drinking only water as my five colleagues got gradually oiled on beer and wine wasn’t particularly pleasurable.

But the feeling of achievement from sticking to my programme overcame any food/drink envy...all right, all right, I’d much sooner have had a glass of wine!

But a quick look on the scales that night confirmed I’d done the right thing.

Next week marks the halfway stage in the programme, and I have to say it’s flown by.

I’m not sure I’ve got another stone to lose, but I’m looking forward to the continued benefits from the gym and my overall fitness which we’ll be stepping up by the week.

lFor more information, go to and or visit Facebook and check out ‘Mission Nutrition Europe’ and ‘Ryan Garnett Personal Training’.