Paul Kendrick: On a Mission - Week 5

Wigan Evening Post reporter Paul Kendrick in the gym with personal trainer Ryan Garnett, at Gym Works, Euxon Lane, Chorley.
Wigan Evening Post reporter Paul Kendrick in the gym with personal trainer Ryan Garnett, at Gym Works, Euxon Lane, Chorley.

Five weeks down, three to go.

And still going strong on my fitness programme to change the way I eat and live my life.

After cutting carbs out of my diet, I’ve now lost over a stone in weight...while eating more than I have in my life.

Scoffing protein-rich foods like chicken, fish and steak - and as much salad and vegetables as I want - means I’m on a diet, without feeling like I’m one.

Local firm Mission Nutrition are providing me with the nutrients, supplements and vitamins to complement my diet.

And under the watchful eye of Personal Trainer Ryan Garnett at the excellent Gym Works facility in Euxton, I’m also toning up as well as shedding pounds.

The gym sessions are taking it out of me but, thanks to the varied supplements offered by Mission Nutrition, my body is automatically being replenished to avoid dehydration or burn-out.

Among the exercises I’m doing at the gym are Front Foot Elevated Split Squats, Single Arm High Row (semi-supinated grip), Lying Hamstring Curl, Seated Supported Dumbbell Shoulder Press (semi-supinated grip), Leg Extensions, Face Pulls, Dumbbell Squats, Close Grip Lat Pulldown (supinated grip), 45 Degree Back Extension, Flat Dumbbell Bench, Press (semi-supinated grip), Seated Calf Raises and Standing Cable External Rotations.

Don’t try them all at once...

But they’re all designed to tone me up, as well as improve my posture that I know has taken a battering from years of slumped sitting positions as well as being being naturally tall.

With only three weeks to go, it would be easy to be fixated on the finishing line, and the chance to ‘pig out’ on all the foods I’ve been denying myself these past few weeks.

But having really embraced the programme - and experienced the undoubted health benefits - I’m not sure I’m all that keen on going back.

Already my mindset has changed for the better.

We were all treated to dinner in the office on the editor last week, to mark the departure of chief reporter Richard Bean after 34 years of sterling service.

Usually in these situations, I’d plump for the Piri Piri Chicken Baguette, and feel it was a relatively healthy option.

This time, my first thought was how much bread I’d be consuming, and whether I really wanted to subject my body to it!

What’s happening to me?!

But it’s this positive change in attitude that makes me confident I’ll be able to continue much of this regime even when my eight-week challenge is over.

My eyes have been opened to the benefits of improved diet and fitness, and it’s something I’m determined to stick with.

For more information, go to and or visit Facebook and check out ‘Mission Nutrition Europe’ and ‘Ryan Garnett Personal Training’.