Reader's letter: 'Bring back bursaries for our trainee nurses'

What do you think about nursing bursaries?
What do you think about nursing bursaries?

So Boris Johnson has announced a visa scheme to enable overseas doctors and nurses to work in the UK.

Pity he didn’t talk to a few student nurses to find out why there is a shortage of nurses from the UK.
Britain is supposedly a rich country, it shouldn’t plunder health staff from other countries.
In training, nurses had a bursary, not a student loan, reflecting the fact that nursing students worked as part of their training.
It also encouraged promising young people to enter nursing.
Former Chancellor George Osborne stopped bursaries. Student nurses now rely on loans like other students so, when on wards, they are effectively working for nothing.
What shoddy treatment!
Conservative claims to restrict immigration whilst developing fancy visa schemes are hypocrisy of the worst order.
Instead of dreaming up fancy visa schemes, the next Government should reintroduce the bursary scheme to encourage young people into the Health Service.
It would be a simple measure providing a home-grown solution to NHS staffing problems.
Roger Backhouse
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