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Consider other sites

Monday, 17th October 2016, 5:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 2:34 pm
Ashton Town Hall in Wigan might not be the best location for a health centre says a reader. See letter

I write to raise my concern on the proposed development at the old Ashton Town Hall. As much as I agree that Ashton may need another health centre, I feel the location could be given more consideration. Have other locations been considered? If so, what were the findings?

Is this not just a case of disposing of an asset because it is far too expensive to look after? If that’s the case, have alternate uses been considered for this building?

There are two locations in Ashton that spring to mind and both have parking – the old NUPRO Club and the Rockleigh Club. Have either of these been considered?

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I know the church owns the ground where the Nupro was situated and I’m sure it would consider selling or letting the land. Has this idea been explored? As for The Rockleigh Club, I’m sure all would agree this place is more than an eyesore rather than an asset. Has this been looked into?

I’m not against development. My concerns with the proposed location for the development are mainly based around the location and the traffic problems that this may cause, along with the issues of parking.

Now I know it’s been suggested that people can park on the market. Okay, well, let’s look at that proposal. On any given day, the market parking area is full, leading to some people abandoning their vehicles in the most ridiculous and inconsiderate places.

I feel a health centre would not only add to this but exacerbate the problem. Also I would guess that would still leave, at best, approximately 150 yards to walk from the car park to the health centre, that’s if they take the short cut through the badly maintained alleyway adjacent to the butchers. If, of course, they walk the long way around, it’s potentially a 300/400 yard walk for somebody that may 
be ill, infirm or elderly, or in fact all three! I think further thought may need to go into this.

I’m also quite concerned to see that demolition is ready to take place. Is it a done deal?

And should they really be taking on such works so close to a school during term time? Maybe a little more thought and consideration should be given to the younger members of our community who attend the school.

Richard Aylett

via email


Ferret in a rabbit hutch

In her big speech, Theresa May seemed to be impersonating Julie Andrews.

I expected the Prime Minister to burst into a verse from Climb every mountain.

Is the hard-nosed Mrs May pulling the wool over our eyes by pretending she is for poor people? The Tories have shown the compassion of a ferret in a rabbit hutch. Come off it, Mrs May.

Max Nottingham

Address supplied


Patronising shortlists

One of the political leaders has suggested all-women and other ‘PC’ shortlists. As a woman, the idea makes me feel patronised. I do think people who live in poverty need genuine help and there does need to be better accessibility/facilities for people who are disabled.

But in terms of politicians, shouldn’t we simply remove any barriers and treat candidates in terms of abilities, common sense and compassion? I’m happy a woman can become a Prime Minister without gender being an issue. That is how it should be. But I’d prefer a kinder PM than the one we have, even if (sorry all-women shortlist fans) the alternative was male.

Jane via email