Readers' letters - July 26

We will all be poorer

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 27th July 2016, 4:49 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th July 2016, 5:54 pm
A reader warns we all be poorer off as a result of the Brexit result. See letter
A reader warns we all be poorer off as a result of the Brexit result. See letter

The main reason why so many people voted Leave, encouraged by the Leave campaign, was primarily immigration and the £350m a week contribution to the EU that we were told would go to the NHS.

Now the truth has finally come out.

The true figure is, was always, and still is, £160m.

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And now we have been informed by the heads of the European parliament that restricting EU nationals from working and living in the UK is not negotiable.

Full stop.

And if you take into account Norway and Switzerland, which are out of the EU and percentage-wise pay more in and have more EU workers than Britain, the question is what have we left the EU for?

A technical recession, higher taxes, spending cuts forecast, leading companies now saying they’re leaving the UK.

All this and we haven’t even invoked Article 50, which starts our withdrawal from the largest and richest trading bloc in the world.

We will all be poorer as a result of the Brexit result.


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Leavers are so selfish

Has no one ever noticed how selfishly orientated the politicians supporting Brexit are?

Britain! Always concerned about what’s best for Britain...

My old mum used to recite the cliche “Charity begins at home.” And I used to retort “Yes! But it doesn’t end there.”

Yes! We pay, or have paid, lots of money to Brussels.

But how much did we get back? I understand the clean new sands at Blackpool is funded from Brussels, to name one North West example.

“Give us our money back. Let us decide how WE spend OUR money!” preach the Brexit politicians. How selfish!

Are the Brexit politicians not aware that, in a community as big as the European Union, some countries, particularly in the eastern regions, are needy of help and Brussels bestows this help and assistance.

And we – our Brexit politicians – are going to be so selfish and inward looking as to begrudge this help.

Robin Parker

via email


Fears for NHS future

The NHS is weighed down with debt. Doctors receive £136 per patient a year, which is less than a TV licence.

You phone 111 for emergency advice, waiting sometimes hours for a reply, only to be told to call an ambulance to take you to A&E. Now if you are one of life’s lucky and haven’t visited your doctor for five years, you’ve to be struck off the patient list.

The lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum.

Alex Gillies

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I was a pit brow lass too

In last Saturday’s Wigan Evening Post, I read about 
a lady who was a pit brow 
lass (WEP July 16). I also was one. I worked at Giants Hall at Standish Lower Ground in 1949.

We had some good laughs and it was great fun, especially in winter, walking in the snow through the fields.

I am so pleased the miners and the pit brow lasses have been recognised at last.

Saying that, we did keep the home fires burning.

Mrs E Taylor

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