Remembering Presley...he was a fine little lad from Wigan

Presleys final resting place at Hindley Cemetery
Presleys final resting place at Hindley Cemetery

Our columnist Geoffrey Shryhane pays tribute to a four-year-old boy who met a tragic end...

Countless people in Wigan and from far away were stunned by the tragic loss of little Presley Stockton who drowned whilst on a family holiday in Tenerife.

The little lad’s family, were, as you can imagine, broken into millions of pieces. Consumed by grief.

As the first Christmas without Presley approached it seems that the whole family came together as one to make his grave in Hindley Cemetery more than a little special.

Instead of toys covering the floor of his home, his last resting place was covered with loving tokens. The biggest an inflatable dinosaur which waved in the breeze and which could be seen far, far away.

The grave was heavy with “presents” including toys made from flowers, trinkets and bulbs yet to flower.

There were messages galore… and Christmas cards.

Hindley Cemetery has seen many extensive tributes in its long history, but it is doubtful if any were as impressive as those on Presley’s grave.

A few people in the cemetery went to pay their respects, perhaps attracted by the inflatable.

The little boy was just four when tragedy came to the happy family holiday.